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Thursday Night Open is a team entry league which is offered to all members of the Club. There are two start times that all teams generally alternate through every other week and we follow the Canadian Curling Associations (CCA) Rules of Curling for General Play.

As an Open league, our teams are comprised in many different forms be it in terms of gender, ability, and age, thus we have a few allowances to the CCA’s Rules of Curling for General Play.

Our Mission: To continue providing a social curling opportunity for friends, families, and individuals to form teams that would not be possible in other league structures, either because of the team configuration, league characteristics, and/or day of week. 

Our Vision: To have a full and inclusive league of socially engaged teams, honing their skills by partaking in challenging matches against like-caliber opponents 

For more information, please contact Demetri (details at bottom).

Social Activities & Fundraisers

While this is a curling league and the main purpose is to curl there will be other social activities to raise funds for the league and several charities. These activities will not alter or effect the on-ice performances of individual teams.

It is hoped that these activities will further engage our participants and attract or encourage others to join, all while building upon our footprint within the community.


Welcome to the 2023-24 season! An email will be sent out soon. Please check out the various sub-sections on our league page.

Key Dates (*Tentative* - depends on the number of teams registered.)

  • Oct 5th - Warm-up Game
  • Oct 12th - Warm-up Game
  • Oct 19th - Start of Schedule #1
  • Nov 23rd - Start of Schedule #2 *
  • Dec 21st - Weather Day / Fun Day
  • Dec 28th - No Curling
  • Jan 11th - Start of Schedule #3 *
  • Feb 15th - Start of Schedule #4 *
  • Mar 14th - Weather Day / Fun Day
  • Mar 28th - Start of Playoffs / Highland Winter Games *
  • Apr 18th - End of Season - No Curling


Section Head

Demetrios Fragopoulos This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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