Thursday Night Open League - Current Standings


Our Current Standings

As indicated in our Rules, each game no matter in which Flight it is played in, is worth 1060 points.

A Win is worth 1000, a Tie is 500 and a Loss earns 0 points. So where does the extra 60 points come from?

The answer is from the first six ends that are played. Each of those ends that are won earns 10 points and if a end is blanked then it earns 5 points for each team.

Our website provider is unable to provide this calculation into their system so we have to perform this on our own. Thus this page will house the most current standings by Friday night of each week.

It is extremely important that every team make certain that the game scores are entered and that they are correct. Score submissions that do not include the number of ends won by each team or a total of ends won that is greater than six will hinder the timeliness of the update and diminish the accuracy of the report.

Please enter the correct and accurate information into the system. Thank you!

Congrats to Team Swain for ending the regular season at the top of the league! 

The Highland Winter Games were won by Team Yellow!

The Bronze match was won by Team Werenich!

The Playoff Champions are Team Pokras!


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