Tuesday Mixed/Open Competitive League - Rules

Section Coordinator: Alex Pokras, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • We first introduced Open teams into the league in 2019/20 season.
  • The rules below are written for Mixed team, they apply to Open teams as well except for "Teams & Spares". In order to compete for the Club's Mixed Championship Mixed teams will need to maintain their compliance with the rules of the Mixed curling for the entire season until they're eliminated from the playoffs.

The League

  1. The Tuesday Mixed/Open Competitive League was historically a Mixed Competitive League which crowned the Club's Mixed Champion.
  2. However, starting with 2019/20 season the league welcomed Open teams and now consists of Mixed and Open teams playing together.

Teams & Spares

  1. The Tuesday Mixed/Open Competitive League was historically a Mixed Competitive League which
  2. The league consists of Mixed and Open teams. All teams play in the league tog
  3. An Open team can consist of 4 players of any gender, not
  4. A Mixed team shall have 2 male and 2 female players and the male and female players shall play alternate positions in the team’s delivery rotation. Sweepers of the final 2 stones of the end shall be of opposite gender and the skip and acting vice-skip shall also be of opposite gender.

    1. Teams may play with 3 players (2 of one gender, 1 of the other) in which case the lead and second each throw 3 rocks and the skip throws 2 (3-3-2). The last 5 rocks of the end must be thrown by 2 players of different gender.

      1. Valid throwing order with 2 men and 1 woman:
        1. Man-Woman-Man
        2. Man-Man-Woman
      2. Valid throwing order with 2 women and 1 man:
        1. Woman-Man-Woman
        2. Woman-Woman-Man
    2. In accordance with the normal rules of curling, a fourth player may join any end in progress provided they are able to throw at least one rock in any position. For example, if the first player has thrown three rocks and the missing person arrives, they can come in and throw the 4th rock, or the 6th rock. In the next end, the team can reset itself to its desired throwing order.

  5. Where during a game a player is unable to continue, the team may:
    1. Use a spare of the same gender as the missing player, if available; or
    2. Finish the game with the 3 remaining players with the following restrictions:
      • Complete the current end with the same delivery rotation. If the player left in the middle of an end prior to throwing both their stones, the missing player's stones shall be played by the remaining player of the same gender to complete that end.
      • Starting in the next full end:
        • the missing player's stones shall continue to be played by the remaining player of the same gender; or
        • the delivery rotation switches to 3-3-2 (see 2.a).
  6. During the regular season any club member can spare and play any position (gender rules must be followed). If necessary, teams can get 4 spares to avoid a default.
  7. In the Main event in play-offs (teams still competing for a trophy) the maximum number of spares is limited to two. At least two members of the original team must play and throw vice and skip rocks. However a spare can call the game or hold the broom.
  8. 5-rock free guard zone is in effect.


  1. Game times: Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm
    1. Please be on the ice at 7:55 pm for greetings, the coin toss and practice slides. The first rock should be thrown by 8:00 pm. Start the game on time, even if only 3 players are ready.
    2. The games will have an end of game bell ar 9:45 pm. When the bell rings, finish the end currently in play and one more. An end is considered started once the final rock of the previous end comes to rest.
  2. Starting a game late (from CCA rules). If a team does not commence play at the designated time (8:00 pm or when ice is ready, whichever is later):
    1. If the delay of the start of play is 1-15 minutes, then the non-offending team receives one point (so 1-0 score) and will have last stone in the first end of actual play. One end is considered completed.
    2. If the delay of the start of play is 15-30 minutes, then the non-offending team receives one additional point (so 2-0 score) and will have last stone in the first end of actual play. Two ends are considered completed.
    3. If play has not started after 30 minutes, then the non-offending team is declared winner by forfeit. The winning team is awarded all 6 ends for scoring purposes.
  1. Teams are divided into 2 or 3 divisions.
  2. The season is divided into 3 draws followed by playoffs.
  3. Usually, each draw is 6-7 weeks long, with each team playing a round robin within the division. Some cross-over games may be scheduled as well


  1. All games are 8 ends. If tied after 8 ends:
    1. Regular season games: end in a tie
    2. Playoff games (except Finals): draw to the button with sweeping
    3. Consolation & Championship Final games: full extra end toward the glass
  2. Record W/L/T.
  3. Points are awarded based on the division as follows:
    1. Win = 20 pts; Loss = 10 pts; Tie = 15 pts
    2. Win = 16 pts; Loss = 8 pts; Tie = 12 pts
  4. After each draw, the top 3 teams in each division will move up to the next higher division and the bottom 3 teams will move down. Seeding order:

    1. Points
    2. Head-to-head record between tied teams
    3. Ends scored in games between tied teams
    4. Ends scored against all teams
    5. Coin toss
  5. The Al Poole Memorial Trophy for the Mixed Club Champions will be awarded to the team winning the Main Event Playoff!

Fees & Prize Money

  1. There is no prize money collected or awarded
  2. We may collect a nominal sum per player to cover the league expenses, organize events like pizza night, etc.


  1. We have post-game snacks every week.
  2. Each team will be assigned to a couple of nights throughout the season.
  3. Teams should purchase/prepare snacks and serve them after the game. 
  4. Teams are responsible to cleaning up both the kitchen and the tables (or arranging for clean up).

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