Monday Competitive League - Rules


Draws and Divisions

Each draw will consist of 5 games for which points will be assessed per game.

Points will be awarded as follow per game:

A Division W = 12 pts; L = 6 pts; T = 9 pts
B Division W = 11 pts; L = 5 pts; T = 8 pts
C Division W = 10 pts; L = 4 pts; T = 7 pts





For byes, teams will be awarded points as though they had a Tie that week. For cross-over games, both teams will be awarded points for the higher division. At the end of each draw, the top two teams based on points in each division will advance to the next highest division and the bottom two teams in each division will drop to the next lowest division.

End of draw ties will be broken in the following order:

  1. Most wins
  2. Head-to-head record amongst tied teams
  3. Lowest combined distance on team draw to the button
  4. Coin toss

Team draw to the button format:

  • After one of your 9:00 pm games of each schedule, each member of your team will throw one rock toward the glass
  • The distance from your rock to the pin will be measured to the nearest inch and the rock is removed from play before the next rock is thrown. A rock that doesn't stop in the rings should be recorded as 73 inches.
  • After each team member has thrown his rock, the distances in inches will be summed and recorded on the league results sheet.


Playoff tie breaker: The above tiebreaker order (except most wins) will also be used to break any ties for playoff seeding, so teams are recommended to do the shoot out every draw regardless of whether it will affect their result in that draw.


Game Times & Bell rule

Game times: 6:55 pm & 9:00 pm

  • For the early draw, be on the ice at 6:50 pm for handshakes, the coin toss and practice slides. The first rock should be thrown by 6:55 pm. Start the game on time, even if only 3 players are ready.
    • A bell will ring at 6:50 pm indicating you should be on the ice. A second bell will ring at 6:55 pm indicating that the game should be underway.
  • Both the early draw and late draw have an end of game bell. When the bell rings, finish the end currently in play and one more. An end is considered to be started once the last rock comes to rest in the previous end.
    • Early draw bell time: 8:30 pm
    • Late draw bell time: 10:50 pm
  • Teams playing a late game may start the game early if the previous game has finished and the ice has been prepared.

Starting a game late (from Curling Canada rules). If a team does not commence play at the designated time (early draw: 6:55 pm; late draw: 9:00 pm or when ice is ready, whichever is later):

  • If the delay of the start of play is 1-15 minutes, then the non-offending team receives one point (so 1-0 score) and will have last stone in the first end of actual play. One end is considered completed.
  • If the delay of the start of play is 15-30 minutes, then the non-offending team receives one additional point (so 2-0 score) and will have last stone in the first end of actual play. Two ends are considered completed.
  • If play has not started after 30 minutes, then the non-offending team is declared winner by forfeit.

Players should not enter the doors to the ice rink, for either the early or late draw, until the ice has been prepared and the numbers have been taken down from the scoreboard.



Spare can be any gender and must be a member of the club. Spares cannot throw the last 2 rocks and spares must throw in the position of the player they are replacing, or earlier in the throwing order. Teams must have 1 original team member in the regular season and may get up to 3 spares. Playoff spare rules are different and are covered in the playoff rules.


  • A team's skip is away. The spare may throw in the third, second or lead position.
  • A team's second is away. The spare may throw in the second or lead position.
  • A team's lead is away. The spare must throw in the lead position.
  • A team's third and lead are away. One spare may throw in the third or second position, and the other spare must throw lead.
  • A team's skip, third and second are away. The original lead must throw last, and the 3 spares throw in the third, second and lead positions. 


Prize Money

No prize money for this season. We will revist prize money for future seasons.



Here is the Curling Canada brush head moratorium: In short, only specific WCF approved brush heads are allowed for competitive curling events. The full moratorium will not be enforced to avoid forcing all curlers to buy new equipment.

All curlers should respect the spirit of the latest moratorium and either use compliant brush heads, or if using non-compliant brush heads ensure you aren't using them in a way to gain an advantage. To that end, we will have the following brush head rules:

  • Hair brooms and corn brooms are banned for use as sweeping devices.
  • A player cannot switch sweeping brooms during the game. Trading sweeping brooms between players during the game is not allowed.
  • A player may not change their brush head during a game.
  • Hardline brooms must have the plastic insert removed. If using the original icePad fabric (i.e. not Maxim), the brush head fabric must be inverted.
  • Do not use directional sweeping techniques (i.e. sweeping for curl, just one sweeper) if using non-approved brush heads. Directional sweeping is allowed if using approved brush heads.

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