Wednesday Night Women's League - Rules & Etiquette



    If you know you will be missing a game, it is your responsibility to secure a spare. Please contact those listed on the club spare list for the Wednesday Night league, then notify your skip and the league convenor of your planned absence and your replacement. If you are unable to find a spare, please notify your skip and the league convenor of your absence.

    As there are typically a small number of available spares, please try and arrange spares as early as possible if/when you know in advance that you will be missing one or more games during the year.

    Game Play

    1. Games beginning at 6:55 PM will be 8 ends, unless called due to shortage of time or the game is conceded. 
    2. Games beginning at 9:00 PM will be 6 ends only.
    3. Curlers are asked to be on the ice and ready to curl on time. Please be ready to be on the ice 5 minutes prior to the start of the game, to give time for handshakes, getting into positions, practice slides, and the coin toss. The coin toss can be done prior to going out on the ice. The game should commence on time, as long as at least 3 team members are present.
    4. Teams are asked to wait to go out onto the ice surface until the ice has been fully prepared and the score board numbers have all been taken down from the previous draw.
    5. Each draw will consist of the teams playing a round robin format, followed by a playoff game, after which new teams will be drawn up.
    6. During play, each game will have an end-of-game bell (8:30 PM for the early draw or 10:50 PM for the late draw). Once this bell rings, teams are allowed to finish the end that is currently in play, and play one more. An end is only considered to be in play once the first rock delivered for the end has crossed the tee line of the delivery end. 
    7. If there is no bell, teams are not to start another end less than 10 minutes before the hour (8:50 PM for the early draw, or 10:50 PM for the late draw).

    Some Basic Rules & Etiquette

    Being aware of and practicing these simple basics of the game will ensure that everyone has a good time on and off the ice. 

    • Arrive at the club early and be ready in time for your draw. 
    • Be sure that your shoes and broom are cleaned prior to stepping out on the ice, or clean the club broom you are going to use prior to the start of your game.
    • All brooms should be cleaned over the plastic garbage bins to keep any debris from being tracked back onto the ice surface.
    • Start preparing for your next shot as soon as the previous person has released so you can be ready in the hack when it is your turn to throw.
    • When it is the other team’s turn to throw, stand on the far side of the first hog line (unless it is your turn to throw next, in which case you may stand behind and to the side of the player in the hack).
    • After following your team’s rock down the sheet – move to the side as quickly as possible to allow your opponents to call their next shot.
    • Do not walk back down the middle of the sheet or cross from one side of the sheet to the other when the other team is calling their next shot.
    • Only the Skips and/or Vices are permitted to stand behind the far hog line (behind the active house) while the opposing team is throwing.
    • After the end is complete, rocks are not to be moved until the Vices have called the score. If in doubt, ask before you move any rocks.
    • Determining the score at each end, including any measurements, is the responsibility solely of the Vices.
    • Only 1 player is permitted to sweep a rock once it is behind the T-line in the house.
    • One player only may sweep an opposing team's rock, but only once it is behind the T-line in the house.  This is typically done by the Skip or Vice.
    • It is customary for the winning team to buy the opposing team a refreshment after the game – typically position buys for like position. The opposing team then reciprocates (don’t forget to offer prior to leaving if you’re unable to stay past the first round).

    Good Curling Everyone!


    Please address any questions or concerns to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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