Wednesday Night Men's League 2016-17 - Awards & Winners

    Wednesday League Trophy and Awards

    Wednesday Men's League hardware: Championship trophy (middle), Bill Armstrong Award presented to Most Valued Player (left) and Jim Maddin Award presented to Most Improved Player (right)

    wednesday mens awards


    League Champions

    Wednesday Men's League 2016-17 season main final winners (left to right) Jeff Lockhart (spared for Cullen Quek, vice), Mark Ortiz (skip), Dave Hunt (second), John Harvey (spared for Robert McGregor, lead). Congratulations!

    2016 17 final winners

    Top 4 teams:

    • League champions Team B06: Mark Ortiz (skip), Cullen Quek (vice), Dave Hunt (second), Robert McGregor (lead)
    • Championship final runner up Team A07: Alex Pokras (skip), Scott Sullivan (vice), Don Clark (2nd), John-Paul Ophelders (lead)
    • Consolation final winner Team C07: Rick Harper (skip), Lance Payne (vice), Dave Hunt (2nd, sparing in the semi and the final was Michael Liu), Walter Barr (lead)
    • Consolation final runner up Team B02: Lyle Ebata (skip), Alex Pokras (vice, sparing in the semi and the final was Derrick Martin), Don Wood (2nd), Paul McCorkindale (lead)

    Most Valuable Player (MVP)

    • Individual Point-per-Game (PPG) value is calculated for each player as number of points all his teams accumulated for wins, ties and ends divided by a total number of games.
    • Only round-robin games played as non-skip are accounted for and the number is rounded to the second digit after the decmal point.
    • Anyone who played at least two draws as non-skip is eligible for MVP award.
    • A player with best PPG is named MVP of the league and is presented with Bill Armstrong Award.

    The MVP of the League in the 2016/17 season is Scott Sullivan (with PPG 6.29). Also in TOP 5 were: Pat Lucarelli (5.74), Dave Hunt (5.29), Walter Barr (4.90) and Mark Shorrocks (4.88)

    On this photo Scott Sullivan (right) is presented with his award by Bill Armstrong

    2016-17 MVP

    Most Improved Player (MIP)

    • Similar to MVP award, PPG is calculated for each player for the current and previous seasons.
    • Anyone who played in both seasons and didn't miss more than one draw and played at least one draw as non-skip in each of these seasons is eligible for MIP award.
    • A player with best difference between PPG is named MIP of the league and is presented with Jim Maddin Award.

    The MIP of the League in the 2016/17 season is Pat Lucarelli (with PPG difference +1.67). Also in TOP 3 were: Mark Shorrocks (1.40) and Dave Hunt (1.35).

    On this photo Pat Lucarelli (left) is presented with his award by Jim Maddin

    2016-17 MIP

    The Silbernagel Realty Team Hot Shots competition

    Three teams: A04-Dixon, A08-Harper and C05-Dixon were tied with 21 points each with a tie-breaker being the best draw result. But similar to a last year this score was beaten on the last night of the season. After playing a very solid final game and winning the league championship team Mark Ortiz scored 23 points and took home the $20 Home Depot gift cards for each player courtesy of Silbernagel Realty Team.

    On this photo (from left to right): Paul Silbernagel (Realty Team), Dave Hunt (second), Mark Ortiz (skip), John Harvey (lead) and Jeff Lockhart (vice). Interestingly enough Mark Ortiz won this prize last year too.

    2016-17 Hotshot Winners


    Congratulations to all 2015-2016 season winners!

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