Wednesday Night Men's League - Rules


    • Over the course of the season we play 3 draws.
    • Each draw consists of 7 round-robin games and an one night play-off. If there are more or fewer than 8 teams in the draw then some teams would play each other twice or would not play each other in that specific draw.
    • In the play-off games: the 1st ranked team of the draw plays 2nd team in the main final while the 3rd and 4th teams play in the consolation final.
    • The rest of the teams play as follows: 5th team against last team, 6th team against 2nd last, etc.
    • If there is an odd number of teams in the draw, then the last place team has a bye on the playoff night.

    Game Start & Bell Rule

    • The game start times are 6:55pm (early draw) and 9:00pm (late draw)
    • For the early draw, be on the ice at 6:50pm for handshakes, the coin toss and practice slides. The first rock should be thrown by 6:55pm. Start the game on time, even if only 6 players from two teams are ready. Coin tosses would ideally be done before going out to the ice.
    • A bell will ring at 6:50pm indicating you should be on the ice.  A  second bell will ring at 6:55pm indicating that the game should be underway.
    • Both the early draw and late draw have an end of game bell. When the bell rings, finish the end currently in play and play one more end.  An end is considered to be started once the last rock comes to rest in the previous end.  
      • Early draw bell time: 8:30 pm
      • Late draw bell time: 10:50 pm
    • Teams playing a late game may start the game early if the previous game has finished and the ice has been prepared.
    • For the purpose of late game start enforcement, the start time is deemed to be the latter between 9pm and when the ice is ready. But the teams can start earlier as soon as they are ready and the numbers are down.

    Players should not enter the doors to the ice rink, for either the early or late draw, until the ice has been prepared and the numbers have been taken down from the scoreboard.

    Starting a Game Late & "Loaned Lead" rule

    • If one team has 4 players and another team has 2 players, then the 4-man team loans their lead to the 2-man team and they play normal game. The team that gave up their lead gets one end, one point, a hammer in the second end and a choice of rocks. If a member of the 2-man team shows up late he can enter the game at the start of the next end and the lead of the original 4-man team returns to his home team, but the score is not re-adjusted.
    • If there are only 5 players available at the start time of the game, the general CCA rules apply. See the quote below.

    (from CCA rules). If a team does not commence play at the designated time (early draw: 6:55 pm; late draw: 9:00 pm or when ice is ready, whichever is later):

      • If the delay of the start of play is 1-15 minutes, then the non-offending team receives one point (so 1-0 score) and will have last stone in the first end of actual play. One end is considered completed.
      • If the delay of the start of play is 15-30 minutes, then the non-offending team receives one additional point (so 2-0 score) and will have last stone in the first end of actual play. Two ends are considered completed.
      • If play has not started after 30 minutes, then the non-offending team is declared winner by forfeit.

    Game scoring

    • Each round-robin game is worth 9 points: 3 points for a win, one point for an end (6 ends counted, 7th and 8th ends are played only for a win).
      Comment: This forces teams to play for ends, steals and trying hard even after giving up a big end or two. Technically it would be possible to even lose a game and still get more points than a winner.
    • Default (forfeit) win is scored as W3-L0 (i.e. the winning team gets points for half of the ends, not all of them)
    • If one team concedes before 6th end, then unplayed ends are considered blank ends (points are split).

    Standings and Tiebreakers

    • After 7 round robin games teams are ranked by their average Points Per Game (PPG) score. The team’s PPG is calculated dividing the total number of points by the number of games the team played (7 or 6 if they had a bye in this draw) and rounded to a second digit after the decimal point.
    • If two or more teams have equal PPG, then the first tiebreaker is a total number of wins.
    • Second tiebreaker is head-to-head results of all teams against each other wins-wise (this tiebreaker is only used if these teams played an equal number of games against each other).
    • Third tiebreaker is a PPG calculated only for the games these teams played against each other.
    • Fourth tiebreaker is total number of ends scored
    • Fifth tiebreaker is a coin flip.

    League playoffs

    • League playoffs consist of two semifinals which are played on the Championship day and the final + consolation final which are played on the last night of the season.
    • 3 draw winners + one wild card team play on the championship day in the Wednesday Men’s League semifinals
    • Wild card team is selected randomly from the following teams: 3 losing teams from each draw's main final + 3 winning teams from each draw's consolation final
    • If any player earned the right to play in the semifinal with more than one team, then he will play with the team with which it happened first. The other team (or teams) would be allowed to pick up a spare of their choice from the league roster for the playoffs.
    • Last night of the season is the Wednesday Men’s season finale: 4 teams from the championship day play a championship final and a consolation final. Everybody else play too (teams will be arranged).

    Tied games

    • IF a Round Robin game is tied, the tie won't be broken;
    • If a draw playoff game (last night of each draw) is tied, it will be broken by a draw to the button toward the glass with sweeping;
    • If a league playoff games (Championship Day semifinals and the season finale) is tied, it will be broken by a half end played toward the glass;


    • The teams for each draw are built at even strength as much as possible and the situations where two players play together on different draws will be eliminated or minimized.
    • Players can request to be placed above their regular position whenever possible.
    • Players should expect to play two different positions over the course of the season, for example one draw as a vice and two draws as a second. This means some players will play "higher" position in one draw and "lower" position in another draw or vice versa. This is not "demotion" or "promotion", this is just rotation.

    Players Draft

    • For each draw the league coordinators will identify a list of skips and they will also form a separate list of vices and front end players associated with each vice, but the names of the front end players would not be announced yet.
    • Before each draw the skips will draft the vices along with the front end for the upcoming draw. Draft order will be based on the skip’s rank in the previous draw or previous season with the lowest ranked skip selecting first. The new skips will generally pick up in the middle, the league coordinator(s) will determine the final order of draft.
    • The draft for the first draw is done over the email or ahead of the first game. The draft for the second and third draw will occur after the previous draw’s play-off game.
    • A skip cannot select a vice from his Monday Men, Tuesday Mixed or Thursday Open league teams or a vice he already selected in the previous draw in the same season. However he can select a player who was playing second or even lead with him if that player is available as a vice in this draw.


    • Teams are allowed to use up to 3 spares, but at least one member of the original team must be present.
    • Regardless of number of spares an original team member must throw skip or vice rocks.
    • A spare may call the game or hold the broom for the person calling the game.
    • Skip can use a member of his team from another league as a spare.

    Silbernagel Realty Team Hot Shots Skill Challenge

    (We welcome other sponsors to donate prizes or gift cards and put their name in the title!)

    • The teams are invited to participate in the skill competition which will run throughout the season;
    • In each draw a team is allowed to do their Skill Challenge once or twice, but they cannot do both tries at the same day. The best score counts.
    • Each Skill Challenge consists of 4 shots: #1 Draw; #2 Raise; #3 Double take-out; and #4 Runback.
    • Each team member will make one shot; the team would decide who throws which shot (and that can change for their second try). If there are only 3 members of the team available to do the Skill Challenge, then someone makes 2 shots, but not the skip. Spares can participate.
    • Scoring rules for each shot are somewhat relaxed as compared to Ford Hot Shots. The team score would be comprised of each shot's individual score.
    • There will be forms on the bulletin board for each team to pick up and complete their challenge at any time convenient for them (before the game, after the game, when an ice sheet is available, on another night, etc.)
    • Tiebreaker: Highest scoring for shot #1, shot #2, etc. If all scores are equal for teams competing for the title, then the prizes are split.
    • Team with the best result of the season is named Silbernagel Realty Team Hot Shots Champion, the sponsor's prize and their photo will be posted at the club’s website.

    Prize Money

    • $10/player would be collected each schedule. All the money goes back to prizes (small portion may be alotted to award expenses).
    • Prize money is allocated to draw final winners and runners up, draw consolation final winners and draw play-off winners.


    League coordinators invite anyone to provide their feedback. If you have an idea how to improve the league, or you need an explanation why things are done this way or another, or if you just like / don't like something - please talk to us or send us email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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