Wednesday Men’s League 2017-18 - General Info


Wednesday Night Men's is an individual entry league playing on Wednesday night at 6:55pm or 9pm on alternate weeks. There are three draws (schedules) over the course of the season with teams changing after each draw. We try to even out the teams to make all games competitive and to create opportunities for everyone to win prizes and to improve their game.

There are no age or skill level restrictions on participation in the league.

Wednesday Night Men’s league represents a mid tier between beginners and social leagues (such as Friday Mixed or Novice League) and competitive leagues (such as Monday Men’s or Open League). The league should be appealing for everyone:

  • For beginners and new curlers that's a natural next step;
  • For Intermediate level curlers that's a league to work on their skills and to improve;
  • For more experienced curlers who play front end in competitive leagues that's where they can and should try to play vice or skip;
  • For experienced vices and skips that's where they can share their knowledge, help improving the club or simply play extra night of the week.
  • For those who can only play one schedule (8 games) or two schedules (16 games) we can accommodate this too.

There is also a skill competition for all teams to participate in throughout the year.

How to sign up for the league?

Please register online and add the league to your list, once you're registered the league coordinators will see you in their league members report.

If you have any troubles or delays registering online, or if you decided to join 2nd or 3rd draw, please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make sure they confirmed your entry. Deal with online registration (and if needed payments) in parallel.

It is advisable to sign up as early as possible, we reserve the right to limit the number of players in order to ensure there is an even number of teams and a number of 3-men teams is minimized. For example if there will be 33 men signed up, then we will run with 8 teams and the last person who signed up, will be on a waiting list.

Season Schedule and Important Dates

First day of curling for the 2017/18 season is October 11


  • RHCC Fall Freeze bonspiel - Oct 2,3,5
  • Deadline for joining Draw A: Oct 4.
  • Draft for Draw A: Oct 11 (before the first game!)
  • Draw A Round robin: Oct 11, *18, 25; Nov *1, 8, *15, 22 (7pm games are indicated with *)
  • RHCC Jet Ice Doug Moore Memorial Bonspiel: Sat, Nov 4
  • Deadline for joining Draw B: Nov 22
  • Draw A Play-off: Nov *29
  • Draft for Draw B: Dec 6 (before the first game of the Draw B)
  • Draw B Round robin: Dec 6, *13, 20


  • Draw B Round robin: Jan *3, 10, *17, 24
  • Goldline TCA Men's Bonspiel: Jan 6-13
  • Deadline for joining Draw C: Jan 24
  • Draw B Play-off: Jan *31
  • Draft for Draw C: Feb 7 (before the first game of the Draw C)
  • Draw C Round robin: Feb 7, *14, 21, *28; Mar 7, *14, 21, *28
  • Sinners Brier Bonspiel: Sat, Mar 3
  • Draw C Play-off: Apr 4
  • Championship day: Sat, Apr 7 - two semifinals (four teams play)
  • Wednesday Men finals: Apr *11 (all teams play)

Total games this season: 26 (draws A, B of 8 games + draw C of 9 games + 1 finals day)


Alex Pokras
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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