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    Hey RHCC CURLERS!! Welcome to Sunday Sinners!!

    Join us this Sunday morning and every Sunday morning during the season for "Good Morning Sinners Sunday FUNDAY Developmental League"


    Arrive between 8:40 and 8:55am and Bring a LOONIE!!
    Check in
    Teams will be set up by Vito
    Hit the ice at 9 am ... Play 8 end game playing each position for 2 ends
    Get tips from your teammates and opposition.
    Listen to fabulous "on ice" music selected by DJ Vito
    Get off the ice by 11:00am
    Up to the lounge (bar opens at 11am)
    Pay your fines (FINES? We have a hog pot where you pay a $1 fine if you hog a rock or throw one through the house or out of play without touching a rock in play) and then we have a HOG POT draw). Honk the horn, ring the cow bell, own it ;) ... $1 MAXIMUM
    Afterwards ... Texas Hold'em for minimum $10 pot (occasionally)
    Usually we are done by noon.

    Benefits of playing on Sunday mornings:
    1. If you're a new curler, it's an awesome Developmental league. No pressure, lots of curlers of all experience levels to answer questions. If you're an experienced curler, it's a great place to try shots you maybe wouldn't try during league games and  it's an opportunity to share your knowledge with new curlers.
    2. Meet a whole new group of people. Our Sinners group has always had people from all leagues participating.
    3. If you're a regular Sunday Sinner, you can have guests join us for up to 3 times. They have to sign a waiver and pay $5 like everyone else (postponed until 2022/23 Season)
    4. Sunday morning ice is renowned to be the best ice anywhere. Bill Reid (our ice maker) makes sure of that
    5. The music is awesome and makes the on ice experience more fun ... Yes ... Shaking your curling booty is welcomed!
    6. You can join us for Exchanges with Unionville CC. Same as all the above except they come to our club and we go to their's once each on a Sunday in the season. Great experience. (postponed until 2022/23 season)

    If you have any questions, please contact me (Vito) or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thanks!!

    Dates to Remember

    • 61st SINNERS BRIER BONSPIEL March 4, 2023

    No curling on these dates

    • DEC 25, 2022 XMAS


    Kathy Kinnear: I think Sinners is a great league!  There is good curling on great ice in a fun and lighthearted atmosphere. This -  along with the rotating format is also an excellent learning and practice time. I love it. Many years ago, after several invitations, I finally managed to drag my butt out of bed on a Sunday morning and became a Sinner at RHCC.
    Vito Lozer: I was welcomed into the group and the rules and rotation were explained to me ... I just about crapped myself when I realized that I was the skip for the first 2 ends and had no clue what I was doing. We went out on the ice, everyone was helpful and reassured me that this was going to be a good learning experience. They were right! Now, waking up on Sunday mornings for Sinners is easy. I know that there will be awesome people out there ready to play, joke around and welcome and encourage newcomers. Good tunes and beautiful Sunday morning ice courtesy of Bill Reid provide the perfect atmosphere for a pleasurable experience. At Sinners, I've learned a lot, met wonderful people in the process and have had fun and a beer and a sandwich to end the morning ... A good way to spend Sunday morning :)  I will be a Sinner for life :)
    Gilles Philippe: So many reasons, too numerous to list. Let's just say it makes you significantly better. If you don't like the sinner name, consider what it truly is: The personal development league that's played on Sunday morning.
    John Harvey: Sinner's is the best way to learn more about curling in one session than playing one position on a team. New players are thrown into skipping right away and get a new respect for strategy and game calling. $5 for 8 ends and a sandwich afterward is a really good deal too. You get to meet new people, and perhaps mistaken for owning a glass eye. All in good fun.
    Alex  Marton:  Being a sinner is great. As a new member to the club it is a great way for me to meet other members and learn from them the nuances of the game.  Having the chance to play all positions also helps me improve my game, skills and strategy. Most of all it is a fun event both on the ice, especially those 'Sunday morning shots" you would not try during league play and après curling.  If you have'nt sinned you should give it a try.

    Section Head

    Vito Lozer

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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