Friday Night Mixed League - Rules



    Depending on the number of people signing up for this league, you could be assigned to either a 7:00 pm. or a 9:00 pm. time slot which will alternate weekly.

    With the "tag" format, you should arrive 15 minutes prior to your assigned time and put your tag in the container for the position you would like to play.  You will then be placed on a team for that night and every effort will be made to put you on the position requested, however, it will depend on the number and experience of those attending.

    Couples or friends wishing to play together, should advise the co-ordinator.  

    There will be 2 schedules

    • The first is from the opening in October to the Christmas/New Years break and the second starting in January and going to the closing in April.  
    • For each schedule, $10.00 per person will be collected for snacks and prizes.
    • Snacks will be provided each week.  Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.
    • Prizes will be distributed after each schedule.  For each night that you attend, a ballot with your name will be placed in a draw.  Ballots will be drawn for prizes at the end of each schedule.  Wins and losses are not recorded and the focus is based on attendance.  


    Dates to Remember

    Friday, October 14 - First schedule begins

    Friday, December 16 - Last night for the first schedule 

    Friday, December 23 - January 1 Club closed for the holidays and ice maintenance

    Friday, January 6 - Second schedule begins

    Friday, March 17 - No Friday Mixed Social due to the Shillelagh Bonspiel

    Friday, March 31 - Last night for the second schedule


    Please address any questions or concerns to the league coordinators at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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